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Rewarding patients for their time and expertise.

Our aim is to ensure patients are financially rewarded for sharing their views and experiences with the cannabis industry.

We believe that the views of medical cannabis patients are vital and play a key role in ensuring the medical cannabis industry is successful. Patients often feels as though the industry it not listening to their concerns. The industry also struggles to appropriately engage with patients directly and has limited opportunities to do so.

'Patients First' aims to bridge that gap. We deliver professionally run focus groups, interviews and market research initiatives for the cannabis industry, and in turn, financially reward patients for their time.

How it works

  1. Patients complete a short form outlining their condition/s, medications used and experience of cannabis based prescribed medicines (see the FAQ's below for more information on data).

  2. We match patient attributes and experiences to the research needs of companies. Patients who provide a match are contacted and asked to take part in a focus group or 1:1 interview.

  3. The research is carried out by our team via zoom, phone call or face to face. Participants do not have to use their real name and the meeting is virtual. Participants do not need to show their face.

  4. The discussion is analysed and a report is shared with the industry group who commissioned the research.

  5. All patients who contributed to the research are paid for their time. The minimum payment fee is £50 per session for each participant. 

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