Hello! Welcome to the online home of PATIENTS FIRST.
We are an independent group of dissatisfied NHS patients who seek to address and expose unprofessional standards and poor quality medical services suffered by NHS patients in the UK at the hands of GP's, Health Workers, Specialists, Hospitals, Administrators and Managers within the National Health Service. 
We never forget that professional people ONLY have ONE standard - that is, to do the job PROPERLY. If professional people do not do the job properly, PATIENTS FIRST submits they are NOT acting professionally and their conduct and service has fallen below the standard that is the benchmark and obligation of all professionals.
For patients, the quality of care and service that is delivered by the NHS is of the essence. PATIENTS FIRST was conceived directly as a result of the provocation of too frequent failure by the NHS to deliver a caring and responsible medical service. Throughout the NHS, staff from the top to the bottom make too many mistakes and too often, patients' expectations remain unfulfilled.
PATIENTS FIRST seeks to raise standards and improve outcomes for the benefit of patients generally. The interests of Doctors and Specialists are represented by their professional bodies; the interests of medical staff and health workers are represented by their unions and employers; PATIENTS FIRST was brought into existence - BY PATIENTS, FOR THE BENEFIT OF PATIENTS - to represent the interests of patients within the NHS and as PATIENTS FIRST grows from increased membership, to redress the current imbalance between the stakeholders of the NHS in favour of patients.
OUR PROPOSAL: While NHS employees agitate to protect and improve their wages and pensions, 52 million NHS patients would increasingly appear to need a PATIENTS' UNION to foster and protect their interest in the NHS. Patients collectively could consider 'going on strike' in retaliation for NHS employees' withdrawal of labour by withholding their taxes which otherwise would have been used to pay the wages and bonuses and pension contributions of NHS employees! Who would like to inform the Chancellor of the Exchequer????? Taxes could be paid "Subject to the condition that this payment is NOT used to pay increased wages or pension contributions to employees of the NHS already receiving over £25,000 per annum!"
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WATCH OUT FOR THE NHS "WHISTLEBLOWERS" WHO FORMED A LIMITED COMPANY CALLED "Patients First Ltd" registration number: 07783392 ..... the company was incorporated on 22 September 2011 - some 14 months after we first started using the name, PATIENTS FIRST -  with their registered address at: 1st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London N12 ODR. Only one Ordinary share of £1 nominal value (currently unpaid) in the company has been issued and that was to Dr Kim Melanie Holt whose address is the same as the company's registered office.... THEY ARE NOTHING TO DO WITH US! We are PATIENTS of the NHS; whereas, they are employees of the NHS.
Initially, Patients First Ltd had two directors: The said Dr Holt (DOB: 19/12/1958) (Occupation: Doctor); and Dr Peter Dawson (DOB: 17/05/1945) (Occupation: Medical Practitioner) (Address: 18 Green Lane, Chesham Bois, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5LQ). Dr Dawson resigned as a director on 1st March 2012; and on 3rd May 2012, Dr Dawson was replaced by the appointment of Mr Roger Malcolm Kline, an Employment Consultant (DOB: 08/06/1948). Mr Kline's Service Address is recorded as the Company's registered office (as above).  
WE REGISTERED OUR WEB SITE IN THE NAME www.patients-first.co.uk and operated under the name of PATIENTS FIRST from JULY 2010. Subsequently, in September 2010, we registered a further website under the name "patients-first.org.uk" which website we had intended to operate as a registered charity and to which we had intended to transfer our original web site activities. Temporary ill health of the principal and founder of PATIENTS FIRST has delayed progress in the development of this project, but it is no less committed to advance the interests of patients in the NHS.
The "whistleblowers" are employess of the NHS and have their medical and/or health unions to represent their interests. Their principal problem/concern would appear to be periodic disputes between employees and employers as to the rights and obligations of employees in the NHS regarding publicising their activities and restrictions and working practices and opinions and the extent to which they, 'NHS EMPLOYEES' are obliged to maintain confidentiality. The NHS "whistleblowers" appear to complain that employment laws are used to silence critics and they propose to lobby the government accordingly. They appear to seek to persuade the government to create policies and laws to make the NHS more transparent and accountable.
PATIENTS FIRST very much agree with the need for greater transparency and accountability within the NHS. In our opinion, this openess should extend to requiring all GP practices and Hospital Trusts, etc., to publish every year, detailed accounts showing how they had spent tax payers' money and their Accounts should be no less informative than those required of publicly quoted companies and public corporations. Further, we support a strengthening of the complaints procedures, especially amongst and in respect of GP practices around the country now that their responsibilities and power are to be increased enormously by the current reforms.
NHS Constitution: At the beginning of March 2012, the Department of Health revised the NHS Constitution published in 2010 to emphasise the duty of healthcare professionals to raise their concerns about anything wrong in the NHS. The Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, confirmed, "We have made it easier for staff to raise concerns about poor patient care". In addition, he announced that a panel of experts would examine the NHS Constitution to see how it could be strengthened to improve patient care.